World, meet Eva!

You might have noticed by now that Evnia’s logo is an owl. Evnia, means good, articulate thinking in Greek so, it was only natural to choose an owl as our logo. Owls were the sacred birds of goddess Athena – the goddess of wisdom and strategic thinking, symbolising wisdom and intelligence.

Today, owls still, retain that symbolism. Eva, our own owl represents both our ethos and our way of operating. At Evnia we share a culture of continuously striving to seek and ultimately find the wisdom that is required to offer the best solutions to our clients and partners.

Eva inspired us to support ANIMA, a Greek non-profit organisation that protects and rehabilitates wild animals in need. Through ANIMA, we met another Eva –a long-eared owl that was rescued by the organisation around the time we reached out to them. It was of course, love at first sight and we decided to symbolically adopt her; we named her Eva.

Eva has unfortunately a metabolism issue, that has affected the development of her bones which makes it difficult for her to fly and hunt. ANIMA suspects that someone tried to rescue her and unknowingly fed her incorrectly, which highlights how crucial it is to contact the authorities or your local wildlife organisation when encountering wild animals in need. Thankfully for Eva, she was then found by ANIMA and receives now proper care.

We invite you to visit ANIMA’s website and learn more about the work they do in assisting and protecting wild animals and support their mission.