Evnia supports the work of Sport’n’Charity

We are happy to announce our support of Sport’n’Charity, a Danish organisation that works with children fighting cancer, helping them regain physical strength through sport. 

Sport’n’Charity was founded in 2022 when its founders, Martin and Frederik stumbled upon a nation-wide study providing evidence that an inclusive, youth exercise program, including neuromuscular exercise, can have short- and long-term beneficial effects in children and adolescents during anti-cancer treatment. 

Promoting children’s health and well-being is a cause that is very close to our hearts; we strive to stand with organisations that work tirelessly to ensure that children’s right to health is respected and upheld. 

We are proud to support Sport’n’Charity, and the positive impact their work has to the health and well-being of children. We would like to invite you to support their work as well.  

Read more about Sport’n’Charity training programs and find out how you can support their mission by visiting their website.