Everest Expedition

To Strive. To Seek. To Find.

Those three words are the essence of our DNA. Guided by our ethos we choose the causes and individuals we support, and Dr Georgios Tsianos’ work and achievements as medical professional, a researcher and an ultra-endurance athlete can only be described as the actions of someone who strives to understand the world around them, seeks and ultimately finds answers.

We are proud to have supported Dr Georgios Tsianos in his expedition to Everest, where he conducted research regarding the physiological response of the body in extreme conditions in collaboration with the FAME laboratory in Thessaly, Greece.

It is not the first time Dr Tsianos conquers Mount Everest, making him the first Greek to have climbed the world’s highest pick twice. We are honoured to have been part of his achievement and we are delighted to share the breathtaking footage he brought back.