Foivos Water Polo Club

Playing sports is essential to children’s development. It helps them in their physical and mental well-being and in shaping their character, teaching them that they can achieve anything through dedication. Through sports, children are taught important values that can guide them in their adult life such as fairness, respect and consideration for others.

And of course, playing sports brings children a lot of joy.

We decided to sponsor Foivos Water Polo Club of Sykies in Thessaloniki, Greece a club of children and teenagers’ water polo teams that compete in a national level and support them in their cause; instilling children the love of water polo and sportsmanship. The coaches and staff of Foivos Water Polo Club, firmly believe that everyone has the right to experience the sport no matter their background and financial situation. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for children to stop competing due to financial difficulties.

We are happy to share that through our support, many young people were able to continue training and competing without having to step back due to financial reasons.