Triathlon Iron Man

“You are an Iron Man” those were the words athlete Konstantinos Abatzoglou heard when completing the IRONMAN 2019 Italy race in Cervia. We are proud to have supported him in his journey of training and participation at the IRONMAN race, a race that truly represents what it means to be committed and to be striving to reach one’s goals. The IRONMAN races are held all over the world and consist of a swimming and a biking course, followed by a full marathon. They bring together people from different backgrounds, each of them with their own motivation and journey. With the moto “Anything is possible”, IRONMAN inspires people to meet their own limits and go beyond them, helping them to reach their goals. Completing an IRONMAN race is an extraordinary feat, not only because of the difficulty of the race itself, but also because of the demanding training and mental preparation needed to participate. Konstantinos achievement is a celebration of excellence and commitment, and we would like to congratulate him for this remarkable accomplishment!