Evnia supports wildlife rehabilitation by donating to non-profit association ANIMA

We are happy to announce our support of ANIMA, an exemplary non-profit association with a mission to support wild animals in need.

Established in 2005, ANIMA is based in Greece and rehabilitates thousands of wild animals every year. With the slogan “for life and freedom”, ANIMA’s purpose is to strengthen the bond between humans and nature. The people at ANIMA strive to create better conditions for wild animals whether it is through lobbying the authorities to pass legislation, fighting against illegal hunting and trading, or educating the public. ANIMA also publishes various scientific papers every year and hosts educational events.

ANIMA’s mission and approach are remarkable, and it has inspired us, to support them with a donation. We believe that we have a responsibility not only towards each other and society but also towards nature whose voice is often silenced.

We are happy to share that our donation will support 500 tortoises that were affected by the recent wildfires in Greece as well as the treatment of Eva, a long-eared owl that was admitted to ANIMA’s First Aid Station. We were given the opportunity to virtually adopt Eva and we are excited to follow her through her rehabilitation journey along with all of you.

Stay tuned for updates and in the meantime, we invite you to support ANIMA and help them save more animals in need!