Evnia donates Dr Ted Papakostas’s books to libraries in Karditsa

History is essential when trying to understand the world around us. It allows us to have a better perception of how humanity has evolved over the ages, and how our global community was shaped, but also to discover that we might share more similarities with people who lived thousands of years before us than we initially thought.

That is why at Evnia, we are big admirers of Dr Ted Papakostas’ (A.K.A. Archaeostoryteller) work, which offers a unique insight into Greek ancient history and heritage. With a refreshing approach to history and mythology as well as captivating storytelling and a narrative that connects the past with the present, Dr Papakostas’ books make ancient Greece accessible and above all relatable!

We had the opportunity to experience this first hand, when Ted, himself came to visit us in our Thessaloniki office and shared his passion for archaeology, and how human feelings of sadness, happiness, and creativity remain key outputs of human nature through our evolution. Therefore, archaeology connects us with our inner psychological roots and pursues fears and aspirations.

Inspired by this event, we decided to donate Archaeostoryteller books “How to Fit All of Ancient Greece in an Elevator” and “Archaeology, My Love… Get Me Out of Here” to Karditsa’s Central Library as well as his children’s book “How to Fit All of Ancient Greece in an Elevator, For Kids” to the city’s network of children’s libraries.

Karditsa was one of the regions that were heavily affected by the storm “Daniel”, in early September 2023 and we hope that this small gesture will bring some much-needed distraction while opening a window to a fascinating past.

“It was a great pleasure and honour to speak to such a creative and innovative group of people. Connecting with people working for a better future helps to understand the past as both are inseparable from human existence. Thank you very much for the warm welcome.” – Dr Ted Papakostas