Evnia receives Børsen’s Gazelle award!

We are excited to announce that Evnia is one of the companies that will receive a Gazelle this year.

Gazelle awards were established by the Danish financial paper Børsen in 1995 and have since become a synonym for growth and excellence. While a gazelle can reach a speed of 100 km per hour in just a few seconds, it takes four years of continuous growth for a company to be nominated for a Børsen’s Gazelle award.

Receiving a Børsen Gazelle is “an achievement that requires something out of the ordinary ” which explains the fact that only 1% of Danish companies receive it. Looking back at the last four years, we can indeed see the extraordinary; we were able to take part in innovative projects, build relationships with new clients and grow as a team.

“The Gazelle award is a tangible recognition of success for our collective effort and struggles in our effort to strive towards excellence in our field of Regulatory and Clinical affairs. We are thankful for the validation of those efforts through this award”
Eftstathios Vassiliadis, CEO

We are proud to receive a Gazelle that represents that growth, and we would like to thank Børsen as well as our clients and colleagues that made that possible.