Mindfulness training program

In October 2021, we initiated our mindfulness journey to provide to all team members the opportunity to develop strategies for mental-development and tools to make every day a growth opportunity, this is an objective in the heart of our ethos, to strive to seek to find. Maria brought the tactuus concept to Evnia, and we are thankful for her daily, support.

I am so happy and proud to have joined Evnia as corporate mindfulness coach in October 2021. 

As part of the corporate responsibility path, which corresponds to Evnia’s values, it is a natural priority at all times to support the best possible work environment for high-performance and work-life thriving.

The tactuus APP and concept (www.tactuus.dk), including the work with mental strategies, self-management, and mindfulness practices as tools for developing a clear mind and empathetic communication has been warmly welcomed by the team at Evnia. 

I am very much looking forward to working together with everyone on promoting a working culture of high-performance and work-life thriving. 

Dr. Maria Maersk
MD | PhD | corporate mindfulness coach