Evnia supports Trelleborg Swimming Club – For the joy of swimming

We are happy to share that Evnia is supporting Trelleborg Sim swimming club in Sweden with a donation!

Trelleborg Sim is a Swedish swimming club where people of all ages and backgrounds can discover the joy of swimming. Trelleborg Sim’s motto is “Together Stronger”, a motto that genuinely reflects also our values. In the last ten years, they have created a vibrant space of community and friendship, offering training sessions for different levels and aspirations.

At Trelleborg Sim, swimming is important not only as a sport that helps children and young people to stay active, but also because it teaches them resilience, dedication, commitment, teamwork and respect.

We could not agree more, and that is why have chosen to support them in their mission. We believe that sportsmanship plays a significant role in enacting positive change is our communities. From promoting healthy habits to setting goals and always striving to become better, sports allow us to acquire qualities that help us better navigate the world around us.

We are thrilled to support Trelleborg Sim in creating a community where the joy of swimming is celebrated and where swimmers can thrive and gain skills that help them succeed in life.