Code of conduct

Our ethos is to help patients, doctors and society through our work. This is why we conduct ourselves honestly, ethically, with honour and pride – this is our “filotimo” that is interwoven into the company’s DNA “To Strive. To Seek. To Find”. 

Filotimo (φιλότιμο) is a Greek word, which literately translates as “friend of honour”. It brings forth an elaborated set of values, such as honour, pride, honesty, credibility, and most importantly – to direct your actions towards giving back to society, rather than receiving something in return. It also means raising above the situation and doing the right thing – even if it goes against your personal gain.

As such, Evnia is modeled on the values of integrity, honesty, morality and perseverance to do the right thing – even if it costs us.

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