About Evnia

Evnia offers full value chain services in Research & Development, Regulatory Compliance, and Management for the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device companies, as well as manufacturers.

We recognise two critical challenges in the Life Science industry today:

1.    Increased cost and time in providing novel treatments and devices, available to patients.
2.    The simplest issues have multidimensional impact within an organisation, trickling down through operations, compliance and development.  

This is why we find that cross-functional and detailed knowledge of different disciplines is critical to successfully solve those challenges and establish a robust solution.

Our goal is to provide operational expertise, covering R&D, Production, Compliance (GMP/GCP) and Management by “thinking holistically, acting locally”.


We strive to support and develop our clients’ ability to seek innovation and produce quality driven novel treatments/diagnostics and medical devices to patients worldwide while reducing the costs and time to market.

We seek to continuously challenge and develop our skills jointly with our clients.

We find answers that make a difference to patients, doctors and society.


Evnia is a vital element of the scientific method and the process of addressing any problem on a pragmatic operational level, while focusing on strategic goals.

Evnia (ευ-νοια) is the Greek word for good, smart, articulate thinking.

“ευ” means “good”, while “νοια” means “mind, thinking”.

Evnia requires the skill to create coherent results through detailed knowledge of different disciplines and the process of logically linking facts, data, and information.
It is the basis of our action and the foundation, with which we provide value to our colleagues, clients, patients and, ultimately, the society.

This is the rationale behind our name, and this is what you can expect from us.

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